The Colombian visa process is simple because of the wonderful relationship between IAESTE Colombia and the ICETEX (the public organization authorized to make the courtesy letter (TP1), necessary for the visa). For the Visa process, we have to send the acceptance documents, the passport and some information about you to the ICETEX. Then the ICETEX will directly send the letter to the Colombian embassy that we choose (the embassy will receive the letter in the 10 or 15 days after we send the letter to the ICETEX). For the Visa process run smoothly, the


“Colombian VISA requirement” must be completely filled out and sent with the nomination so that can start the process immediately after the student is accepted.

Notice that If the Colombian consular corp is very away from your or even If your country doesn’t have a Colombian consular corp, you can apply for a TP1 VISA in the visas office in Bogotá. For that you need to put in the “Colombian Visa Requirement” that you will do it in Bogotá, Colombia.

Colombian ID

Every foreigner who comes to Colombia for more than 90 days should obtain a Colombian ID called “Cédula de extranjería.” Therefore IAESTE Colombia advises you to prepare your trip with the correct dates from the start. Once the student arrives in Colombia, he/she has 15 calendar days to process the ID at the institution called “Migración Colombia” which is located in every city in Colombia.

In the following file you will find the Colombian Visa Requirement, needed to apply for a TP1 VISA through IAESTE and the ICETEX: Document