Estrategia 2020

IAESTE was founded in 1948 and the IAESTE mission statement is still as valid and important as it was 67 years ago. IAESTE has over the years developed and implemented a strategic plan with varying degrees of success. Considering global trends, changes in the IAESTE environment and increasing competition from other organisations, IAESTE is in need of a revised Strategy that will be followed and executed at international, national and local level for the next 5 years. IAESTE need a strategic plan to:

  • To set priorities
  • To get everyone on the same page
  • To simplify decision-­‐making
  • To bring Members together
  • To clearly communicate our message
IAESTE has an international network (87 countries), a strong culture, an IAESTE ‘spirit’ that binds the IAESTE network together and a long and proven experience in providing high quality traineeships. IAESTE is at present failing to communicate a clear vision, processes are no longer fit for purpose (eg. lack of an IT support network and infrastructure) and there are constant struggles with human and financial resourcing. In real terms, IAESTE exchange results are in decline -­‐ 10 years ago we exchanged 1000 students per annum; this past years the drop equates to more than 20%. Based on recent analysis, the OGSM method was used to define the IAESTE Vision: (Objective), Goals, Measures and Actions. In 2020 we want IAESTE to be: internationally recognised as the highest quality provider of professional international experiences for students, employers, academic institutions and IAESTE members and alumni. Four core areas were identified as being necessary to achieve IAESTE’s objectives and goals moving forward: Culture – IAESTE spirit; IAESTE network; IAESTE Visibility & Marketing and IAESTE effectiveness (related to our internal structure & processes) Strategic goals to be achieved by IAESTE in 2020:
  • IAESTE network: 100 countries
  • Quality: 80% of satisfied employers, students & academic institutions
  • Exchange numbers:
  • o Providing International experience to 380 000+ students by 2020
  • o approx. +400 increase each year, 6000 in 2020
  • Alumni network: 10% of traineeships provided by Alumni
There are three key factors that the IAESTE 2020 strategy needs to achieve to be successful:
  • Strategy 2020 presented in this document should become the strategy for each IAESTE Member and should be translated to national & local level
  • each IAESTE member should feel part of this strategy
  • this is the working document: the strategy needs to be updated and reviewed at least once per year
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